Management Team

The founders of NeuroLogica have more than 100 years of combined experience in the design, development and manufacturing of imaging systems including ultrasound, CT, PET, radiation therapy and MRI.

Dr. Eric M. Bailey


Dr. Eric M. Bailey received an honorary Doctor of Biomedical Engineering degree from Northeastern University in 2006 for his contributions to aerospace/defense, homeland security, and medical imaging. He received an Electrical Engineering Degree...


Andrew Tybinkowski

Executive Vice President & Chief Technical Officer

Andrew Tybinkowski was awarded a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the Polish Institute of Technology in 1966. He is the holder of 50 patents and has over thirty years experience in designing precision, high speed, rotating, and stationary...


Philip Sullivan

Vice President of Global Operations

Philip Sullivan received his B.S and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester University in the United Kingdom. Prior to his work at Neurologica, Sullivan was the Director of Continuous Engineering and Test at Varian Semiconductor...


David R. Webster

Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing

David Webster joined NeuroLogica in April 2005 as Director of Sales. Under his leadership, NeuroLogica successfully launched the CereTom portable CT scanner, CereTom OTOscan CT scanner and the CereTom Doro Skull fixation product line.  Since...


Don Fickett

Vice President of Regulatory and Quality

Don Fickett has more than 15 years of Regulatory and Quality experience in the medical device industry. Prior to NeuroLogica, Don was part of Spire BioMedical, where he was responsible for quality and regulatory affairs for 10 FDA 510K’s (...


Michael Limoli

Vice President of Engineering

As the Vice President of Engineering, Michael Limoli is responsible for all aspects of NeuroLogica’s engineering product development and day-to-day engineering operations.

Limoli started with NeuroLogica in 2004 as the Principal...


Simon Kim

Vice President & COO/CFO

Simon Kim was awarded his Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1989. Prior to NeuroLogica, Simon was head of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)-America in Boston since 2011. Simon joined Samsung Electronics in 1990 as a mechanical...