The inSPira HD SPECT is a battery powered, high resolution, portable SPECT designed primarily for brain imaging. Its unique capabilities provide the highest quality SPECT images wherever needed, including the Clinic, ICU, OR and Emergency Department. inSPira HD is capable of imaging all currently available radioisotope energies for clinical applications such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Stroke and Alzheimer's.

Optimized For Use In


Superb High Resolution Image Quality
• Spatial Resolution: 3mm
• Voxel Size: 2.1mm X 2.1mm X 3.0 mm (minimum)
• Slice Spacing: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15mm

Technological Differences
• 24 scanning focused collimators
• 72 Sodium Iodide crystals
• 72 photomultiplier tubes
• Count Capacity: 4 billion photons

Isotope Energy Flexibility
• Energy Range: 70-200 keV
1. Thallium201: 70 keV
2. Xenon133: 81 keV
3. Iodine123: 159 keV
4. Technetium99: 141 keV
5. Indium111: 172 keV

Full Integration
• Compatible with all PACS
• DICOM 3 compatibility
• Modality Worklist
• 2D, 3D and MPR Tools with MIMVista Neuro


Clinical Images



Accessories Include:


Viewing Station with MIMVista Neuro package

ComfortLift Patient Bed

Bed Adapters and Scan Boards