AccE GM85

Premium Mobile Digital
Radiography System

Accelerate your mobile x-ray experience with the Samsung AccE GM85.

The AccE GM85 features a compact and lightweight design, All Day Battery operation, exquisite image quality with S-Vue 3.02 Low Dose Image Engine, and a host of advanced technologies designed to improve patient care.


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The AccE GM85 is powered by the AccE Detector and S-Vue™ Low Dose Image Engine.
GM85 Detector

AccE Detector

The new AccE Detector offers a host of new technologies, including Enhanced load allowance of 882lbs (400kg) distributed weight, dust and water resistance, and user-centric ergonomic design to support patient positioning and alleviate daily workflow.



S-Align™ provides precise alignment for superior imaging. The angle of the detector is displayed on the THU (Tube Head Unit) to enhance image quality by ensuring alignment.

SID Guide-1

SID Guide

SID Guide supports multiple* SID (Source to Image Distance) settings to aid precise device positioning, all preset by the anatomical setting.

Time Saver Battery

Time-saver Battery

AccE GM85 allows fast charging and efficient battery management. Charge from 0 to 100% within 4 hours and once fully charged, the long-lasting battery gives you the power to keep going for all day without additional charging.**

21-5_ Multi-Touch Display

21.5" Multi-Touch Display

The large multi-touch display allows users to control and adjust images easily and intuitively. Pinch gesture enables the user to zoom in and out while the two-touch shutter makes image cropping easy.



Save up to 50% dose without losing image quality with S-Vue. Using an advanced feature-preserving noise reduction algorithm, S-Vue™ technology creates better image quality even at lower radiation dose. ***

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Chest AP with SimGrid™


SimGrid™ software reduces scatter radiation effects on images without the need of a physical grid. SimGrid™ improves workflow for operators and saves dose to patients.


Chest AP with S-Enhance


S-Enhance improves the clarity of foreign bodies (e.g. tube, line and/or needle) in images of chest, abdomen, and L-spine. With a single on-screen click, the companion image is created without additional x-ray exposure, streamlining workflow.


bone supression
Bone Suppression

Bone Suppression

Bone Suppression provides a companion image that improves the clarity of soft tissues by suppressing the appearance of bones in chest images, which improves your ability to detect various lung pathologies.


Manual Stitching 2
Manual Stitching

Manual Stitching

Manual Stitching allows up to 5 images to be combined into one. The surgeon can check the whole spine image right after surgery.


*3 SID Types: 100/130/180 cm **Fully charged battery supports 220 shots and 20 km(12.4 mile) of moving distance. Test Condition: 80 kVp/400 mA/5 msec/30 sec intervals, moving in maximum velocity (5.6 km (3.5 mile)/h). Charging time will vary according to the capacity of the wall outlet, which will be different for each country ***The claim concerning Samsung DR is based on limited phantom and clinical study results. Only routine PA chest radiography and abdominal radiography for average adults and pediatric abdominal, chest, skull radiography were studied, excluding pediatric patients under 1 month old.(FDA cleared - K172229, K182183)In practice, the values of dose reduction may vary accordingly. These clinical images calculates the dose reduction rate from its own standard dose at the clinical site,unlike our FDA claim which compares dose between new IPE and old IPE. The clinical site is responsible for determining whether the particular radiographic imaging needs are not impacted by such x-ray dose reduction.
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