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Transforming Ultrasound

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Hera, Samsung’s new premium women’s health ultrasound platform, is committed to delivering exceptional image clarity and color sensitivity to help clinicians see the tiny details in every image without the need for excessive manipulation. With re-imagined ergonomics, advanced technologies that reveal additional anatomical detail and elevated patient interactions, Hera is transforming ultrasound in ways never seen before.

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Crystal Architecture™

At the heart of the RS85 Prestige’s image clarity, Crystal Architecture combines innovative beamforming (Crystal Beam™), sophisticated image processing (Crystal Pure™) and advanced S-Vue Transducers™ to produce clear, uniform, high-resolution images.
Brain Vasculature with MV Flow-1
Pericallosal Artery with MV-Flow
12 Wk Circulation MV-Flow
12 Week Circulation with MV-Flow


An advanced Doppler technology providing detailed documentation of microvascular perfusion into tissues and organs
ShadowHDR Off On
27 Weeks ShadowHDR Off & On


Designed to suppress shadows and enhance the clarity of detailed grayscale images
Fetal Circulation with S-Flow & LumiFlow
Ductal Arch with LumiFlow


Displays a “3D-like” appearance to 2D color Doppler, enhancing spatial comprehension of blood vessels and aiding in the understanding of vessel boundaries
HQ Vision1
Fetal Spine with HQ-Vision Off & On


A sophisticated image processing technology designed to compensate for natural signal distortion as sound propagates through tissue. HQ-Vision continuously analyzes, deconstructs and then recalculates the received ultrasound image to display maximum sharpness and precise spatial clarity

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Challenging Cases in Prenatal Cardiovascular Disease: Optimizing the Tools of Fetal Echocardiography

Featuring Dr. Jack Rychik, MD

In this webinar you'll discover

  • Complex fetal cardiovascular conditions and their manifestations
  • How to use the tools of fetal echocardiography to understand complex fetal cardiovascular conditions
  • Models for future care and treatment of complex fetal cardiovascular conditions.
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