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OmniTom Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about the fully mobile CT scanner
Black Forest Medical X-Tom Cranial Stabilization Clamp
Leksell Stereotactic Frame
2000 cycles – so it is dependent on the usage and the number of times you fully charge the battery
While the image reconstructions are high resolution, the tablet display is not certified for medical diagnoses.
We do not support this function, the tablet is not designed for diagnostic use.
Approximately 1.89 miles (3048m)
You can request a mobile CT demonstration at your facility.
Approximately 90 Mins
6-10 depending on protocol settings
Highly dependent on hospital network. Each reconstruction is .5mb per slice. (typical 2.5mm head is about 95 MB)
Water glycol, Non-rotating Anode
Lithium ion
Yes, it does have MAR
Ubuntu Linux (reconstruction computer) Windows 10 (Tablet PC)

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