Technical Support

We are Here to Support you

Our expert team of technical support personnel are dedicated to solving your problems

Our team takes pride in delivering rapid, high-quality service and ensuring on-time procedures and optimal system performance. Here’s how we can work together to troubleshoot any issue:

Give us a call. We’ll discuss your needs and help as much as we can over the phone. We also have the option of logging in remotely to your equipment so we can quickly and easily help you out. To do this, we’ll provide you with an access code.

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The staff of highly skilled and trained professionals has extensive experience in technical and clinical applications, site survey, installation and IT support. NeuroLogica Remote Support sessions generally begin after initial contact with our Customer Service team. If you are working with NeuroLogica Customer Service and have been provided with a support code, please enter it now. If you need to contact us about a new issue, please reach out to us through phone or email.

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Computed Tomography


If you live outside the US/Canada and have questions regarding our computed tomography systems, please contact technical support at +1 978-564-8561 or email