Mobile CT Webinars

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Mobile Stroke Unit Webinars

Make a Mobile Stroke Program a Reality

The webinar on May 18, 2022, featured renowned Neurologist and Interventional Radiologist Dr. May Nour, Medical Director, UCLA Arline & Henry Gluck Mobile Stroke Rescue Program.

Strike Stroke – Dr. James Grotta

Watch Dr. James Grotta discuss how cost effective and beneficial Mobile Stroke Units are in reducing time to treatment with both tPA and ET.

Strike Stroke – Dr. May Nour

Watch Dr. May Nour discuss prehospital conclusive diagnosis, treatment and enhanced patient routing: The Mobile Stroke Unit Experience.

Advantages and Clinical Benefits of Mobile CT

Clinical Benefits of CT

Watch Dr. Bradford B. Mullin, Chief of Neurosurgery at Mount Carmel East in Columbus, Ohio, as he discusses the advantages of combined BodyTom scanning and navigation use in complex spine surgery.

Advantages of Portable CT

Watch Dr. Peter Warnke from the University of Chicago discuss the advantages of mobile CT in intra-operative neurosurgery as it relates to Brain Stimulation, Epilepsy Surgery, SEEG, and Tumor Surgery.

Brachytherapy Webinars

The Advent Health Experience

Watch Matthew Biagioli, M.D., M.S. from Advent Health Cancer Institute Central Florida Division present this webinar on using BodyTom for Brachytherapy.

IGBT With BodyTom a Tiny™ Procedure Room

Watch Sonja Dieterich, Ph.D. Professor of Radiation Oncology University of California, Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center present this webinar on IGBT with BodyTom.

Neurosurgery Webinars

Deep Brain Stimulation With OmniTom

Watch Dr. Kim Burchiel, John Raaf Professor and Head Division of Functional Neurosurgery from Oregon Health and Science University pioneer "asleep" DBS for patients with Parkinson's and essential tremors.

Lung Cancer Screening Webinars

If These Wheels Could Talk...

Watch Mellisa Wheeler, Director of Disparities and Outreach, and Darcy Doege, Clincical Supervisor of the Lung B.A.S.E.S 4 Life program at Atrium Health speak about their lung cancer screening and community outreach program utilizing BodyTom Elite on a Winnebago Specialty Vehicle.

Infection Prevention Protocols Webinars

Infection Prevention Protocols With Mobile CT

Watch Judy Samuelman, Clinical Marketing Manager-mCT present the history of NeuroLogica and the profound impact mobile CT has on infectious disease prevention.

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