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  • Chang-Lae Lee, Junyoung Park, Sangnam Nam, Jiyoung Choi, Yuna Choi, Sangmin Lee, Kyoung-Yong Lee, Minkook Cho "Metal artifact reduction and tumor detection using photon-counting multi-energy computed tomography", Available from:
  • Chang-Lae Lee, Key Jo Hong, Namwoo Kim, Kwanhee Han, Dongkyu Kim, Hoe-Su Jung, Sangmin Lee, Junyoung Park, Kyoung-Yong Lee, Jee Eun Lee, Yuna Choi & Minkook Cho "Feasibility study of portable multi-energy computed tomography with photon-counting detector for preclinical and clinical applications", Available from: 
  • Su-Jin Park, Junyoung Park, Doil Kim, Duhgoon Lee, Chang-Lae Lee, Ibrahim Bechwati, Dufan Wu, Rajiv Gupta, Jinwook Jung "The first mobile photon-counting detector CT: the human images and technical performance study", Available from: 
  • A Pourmorteza, R Symons, D S Reich, M Bagheri, T E Cork, S Kappler, S Ulzheimer, D A Bluemke "Photon-Counting CT of the Brain: In Vivo Human Results and Image-Quality Assessment", Available from:
  • Rolf Symons, Daniel S Reich, Mohammadhadi Bagheri, Tyler E Cork, Bernhard Krauss, Stefan Ulzheimer, Steffen Kappler, David A Bluemke, Amir Pourmorteza "Photon-Counting Computed Tomography for Vascular Imaging of the Head and Neck: First In Vivo Human Results", Available from: 
  • Maurice Ruetters, Sinan Sen, Holger Gehrig, Thomas Bruckner, Ti-Sun Kim, Christopher J. Lux, Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, Sarah Heinze, Joscha Maier, Marc Kachelrieß & Stefan Sawall "Dental imaging using an ultra-high resolution photon-counting CT system", Available from: 
  • Aw-Zoretic, J., et al. (2014) “Estimation of Effective Dose And Lifetime Attributable Risk From Multiple Head CT Scans In Ventriculoperitoneal Shunted Children”, European Journal of Radiology, 83(10), 1920–1924; Available from:
  • Goske, M.J. (2014) “Diagnostic reference ranges and the American College of Radiology Dose Index Registry: The pediatric experience”, Pediatric Radiology, 44(3), 506–510; Available from:
  • Agrawal, S., et al. (2009) “A Portable CT Scanner in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Decreases Transfer-Associated Adverse Events and Staff Disruption”, European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 36(4), 346–352; Available from:
  • LaRovere, K. L., et al. (2012). Head computed tomography scanning during pediatric neurocritical care: diagnostic yield and the utility of portable studies. Neurocritical Care, 16(2), 251–7.
  • Rumboldt, Z., et al. (2009) “Review of portable CT with assessment of a dedicated head CT scanner”, AJNR, 30(9), 1630–6; Available from:
  • Andrews, R.J., et al. (2015) “Unpredictable, unpreventable and impersonal medicine: Global disaster response in the 21st century”, EPMA Journal, 6(2); Available from:
  • Babcock, L.E., et al. (2014) “Cambrian (Guzhangian Stage) trilobites from Ohio, USA, and modification of the Cedaria Zone as used in Laurentia”, GFF, 136(1), 6–15; Available from:
  • Golberg, A., et al. (2015) “Skin Rejuvenation with Non-Invasive Pulsed Electric Fields”, Scientific Reports, 5, 10187; Available from:
  • Kemppainen, J., et al. (2014) “The Use of a Portable CT Scanner for the Intraoperative Assessment of Talocalcaneal Coalition Resections”, Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics, 34(5), 559–564; Available from:
  • Malik, A.M. (2012) “Portable head computed tomography in the diagnosis of cerebral fat embolism secondary to cardiac surgery”, The Neurohospitalist, 2(4), 154–155; Available from:
  • Morsy, S., et al. (2015) “Effect of low-concentration HCl on the mineralogy, physical and mechanical properties, and recovery factors of some shales”, Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources, 9, 94–102; Available from:
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  • Rotstein, B., et al. (2015) “Practical Radiosynthesis and Preclinical Neuroimaging of [11C]isradipine, a Calcium Channel Antagonist”, Molecules, 20(6), 9550–9559; Available from:
  • Sekhon, M.S., et al. (2014) “Optic nerve sheath diameter on computed tomography is correlated with simultaneously measured intracranial pressure in patients with severe traumatic brain injury”, Intensive Care Medicine, 40(9), 1267–1274; Available from:
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  • Rumboldt, Z., et al. (2009) “Review of portable CT with assessment of a dedicated head CT scanner”, AJNR, 30, 1630–1636; Available from:
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  • Foster, B., et al. (2014) “Segmentation of PET images for computer-aided functional quantification of tuberculosis in small animal models”, IEEE Transactions on Bio-Medical Engineering, 61(3), 711–724; Available from:
  • Gasiorowski, J.C., et al. (2015) “Clinical Use of Computed Tomography and Surface Markers to Assist Internal Fixation Within the Equine Hoof”, Veterinary Surgery, 44(2) 214–222; Available from:
  • Porter, J.N., et al. (2014) “Altered cerebellar and prefrontal cortex function in rhesus monkeys that previously self-administered cocaine”, Psychopharmacology, 231(21), 4211-4218; Available from:

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