BodyTom® Elite

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Efficiency in the brachytherapy suite leads to patient satisfaction and safety

BodyTom Elite is a compact 32-slice self-shielded portable CT scanner which provides superior image quality including improved noise reduction and metal artifact reduction. The BodyTom Elite allows user customization by offering 30 new custom kernels to adjust sharpness, tissue contrast, and smoothing for each scan.

Benefits of BodyTom Elite in Brachytherapy Suite
     •  Reduced treatment times by 20 - 30 minutes per patient*
     •  Increased patient safety by avoiding patient transfers to separate CT suite*
     •  Pre- and post-implant quality assessment in one room
     •  Improved patient satisfaction by spending less time in stretcher*

"By combining advanced technology such as the BodyTom with a carefully mapped treatment process, our brachytherapy program has become much more efficient, improving the overall patient satisfaction experience at Willis-Knighton." - Dr. Lane Rosen

*Dr. Lane Rosen, Director of Radiation Oncology at Willis-Knighton Cancer Center

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