NeuroLogica’s SmartMSU™ with OmniTom® Elite, the company’s next-generation mobile stroke unit for imaging on an ambulance, is equipped with a CT scanner to help optimize diagnostic confidence, speed and workflow at the site

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NeuroLogica’s SmartMSU™ with OmniTom® Elite, the company’s next-generation mobile stroke unit for imaging on an ambulance.

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The OmniTom® Elite within the SmartMSU™ is user-friendly, small in size and delivers high-quality 16-slice CT images including angiography and perfusion head scans.

DANVERS, Massachusetts – December 15, 2022 – NeuroLogica Corp., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., announced the first installation of its SmartMSU™ with OmniTom® Elite – a specialized ambulance that is equipped with a small computed tomography (CT) scanner for head imaging – in the Asia-Pacific region. It was installed in Thailand at the Siriraj Stroke Center, Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand under the Mobile Stroke Unit-Stroke One Stop (MSU-SOS) project. 

Assoc. Prof. Yongchai Nilanont, M.D., Director of Siriraj Stroke Center, Siriraj Hospital states the importance of the Mobile Stroke Unit, MSU-SOS 2023 innovation. “Treatment of cerebrovascular disease is a race against time, as it kills a large number of people worldwide and can cause paralysis in others. The main factor for reducing disability and death is a treatment 'time standard' within 270 minutes. If symptoms are reported and diagnosed earlier, the chances of recovery or survival increase. That is why the Mobile Stroke Unit, MSU-SOS 2023, is a powerful tool for medical personnel. The previous MSU has treated 1,070 patients and has saved many lives.”

The OmniTom Elite within the SmartMSU boasts an innovative design and features to help emergency medical technicians (EMTs) improve patient care, including: 

  • Small Size: Fits in the standard size ambulance and allows for normal workflow for EMTs throughout the vehicle.
  • Safety Mechanisms: Outfitted with a mechanism that secures the device to the vehicle to create additional space around the scanner. It is also equipped with internal radiation shielding to help reduce scatter, providing additional user protection.
  • Improved Workflow: Enables the integration of contrast injectors for optimized workflow when performing CT angiography and CT perfusion, allowing for initiation of scanning and timing of contrast to be performed by the injector.
  • Design Enhancement: Features a redesigned radiolucent interface for the onboard stretcher to allow for minimal movement of the patient when positioning them for head imaging. It is also designed to have low power consumption and is battery-operated to minimize charging.


According to the World Stroke Organization, 1 in 4 people will have a stroke in their lifetime.1 To aid in the early detection of strokes, the mobile stroke unit with diagnostic CT imaging capabilities allows EMTs on board to quickly assess whether a patient is having a stroke caused by a blood clot or hemorrhage. If it’s determined to be caused by a blood clot, the clot-buster tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) can be administered immediately.

“The global expansion of the SmartMSU with OmniTom Elite means more healthcare providers will be able to deliver mobile, point-of-care treatment to stroke patients quickly and efficiently,” said Claudia Kleiner, Director of International Sales of NeuroLogica. “We look forward to continuing to expand the community of more than 40 mobile stroke programs worldwide.” 

To learn more about the SmartMSU with OmniTom Elite, visit here.

1. Global Stroke Fact Sheet 2022 (2022). World Stroke Organization: 

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