Mobile Stroke Unit includes new CT scanner and features that help EMTs improve patient care

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NeuroLogica introduces the SmartMSU™ with OmniTom® Elite CT Scanner, the next-generation mobile stoke unit for imaging on an ambulance.

DANVERS, Massachusetts – March 17, 2021 NeuroLogica Corp. announced today the immediate availability of its SmartMSU with OmniTom® Elite CT scanner. This next-generation Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) advances the technology available for stroke imaging on an ambulance that the company pioneered 10 years ago. The OmniTom® Elite multi-slice computed tomography (CT) boasts a small footprint and high-resolution image quality. The advancements of the scanner help to optimize diagnostic confidence, speed and workflow at the site for a potential stroke patient.

“NeuroLogica has a long and proud history of delivering healthcare providers and patients access to mobile, point-of-care, technology that can help save lives,” said David Webster, Chief Operating Officer, NeuroLogica. “We’re thrilled to build off of our expertise, and outfit ambulances with the OmniTom Elite mobile CT to further advance patient care.”

NeuroLogica worked with ambulance partners and customers to further innovate the CT-equipped MSU. The small size of the OmniTom Elite within the SmartMSU maintains the standard footprint of the ambulance and allows for normal workflow for EMTs throughout the vehicle. A unique safety mechanism securing OmniTom to the vehicle creates additional space around the scanner and internal radiation shielding helps reduce scatter, providing additional protection to staff.

OmniTom® Elite enables the integration of contrast injectors for optimized workflow when performing CT angiography and CT perfusion, allowing for initiation of scanning and timing of contrast to be performed by the injector. In addition, a redesigned radiolucent interface for the onboard stretcher allows for minimal movement of the patient when positioning them for head imaging. The OmniTom® Elite is specially designed to have low-power consumption and to be battery operated, which helps minimize charging and may help lengthen the time on the road.

“OmniTom® Elite can really change the game for mobile stroke imaging on an ambulance,” said Jason Koshnitsky, Director of Sales and Marketing for Mobile CT, NeuroLogica. “We look forward to expanding the community of more than 50 mobile stroke programs with this exciting new product offering.”

NeuroLogica will be presenting the SmartMSU at the International Stroke Conference 2021 from March 17 – 19.

Learn more about the SmartMSU with OmniTom® Elite.

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