black rhino ct

By using the Neurologica BodyTom®, the world’s first battery-powered, portable, 32-slice CT scanner; the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago was able to successfully treat Layla, a 7 ½ year old 2300-pound eastern black rhinoceros. Despite having a first surgery to treat her obstructive sinusitis, veterinarians were unable to determine the cause of the infection. Layla was too large to move inside the zoo’s animal hospital to the normal scanner, so the CT was brought to her and she underwent the first CT scan ever performed on a rhino! The BodyTom® advanced CT imaging revealed that there was abnormal tissue associated with the root of one of Layla’s upper molars, which enabled her caretakers to provide proper treatment. This was an exceptional use of the BodyTom®, which highlights its mobility and efficacy to cater for out of the ordinary situations in a flawless process.

You can read more of Layla's story at Chicago Zoological Society.