In the field of healthcare imaging, the CT scanner has revolutionized care by allowing medical professionals to more easily create detailed images of organs, bones and other tissues of the human body. From diagnosing a disease or assessing an injury to helping plan a surgical or radiation treatment and more, computerized tomography’s role in modern-day medicine is essential.

But the typical CT scanner is a bulky machine that requires a dedicated room to which patients must be transported for scanning. Flexibility and the ability to respond on the fly are characteristics not usually associated with CT imaging. That is, until NeuroLogica introduced their first portable head and neck CT in 2005. Today, they are leading innovators in healthcare imaging with their BODYTOM® ELITE AND OMNITOM® mobile CT scanners. Both deliver fully portable convenience that allows CT imaging to come to the patient.

To help spread the word about the BODYTOM ELITE AND OMNITOM scanners, NeuroLogica is proud to introduce TOMI. As the on-the-go ambassador of outstanding computerized tomography, TOMI is here to inform health professionals about how the BODYTOM ELITE AND OMNITOM scanners bring point-of-care capability that transforms any room into an advanced imaging suite.

“Hi, I’m TOMI. I will be your guide and source of information related to point-of-care CT imaging. The pandemic didn’t slow us down, as we accelerated our efforts to develop more innovative point-of-care CT solutions. Roll with me on social media to stay informed on many new exciting announcements as well as fun facts about CT.”

TOMI also brings a new face to a procedure that, in the past, was a little ominous and scary, especially for younger patients. TOMI helps make the CT scanning process a more positive and friendly experience for everyone.

TOMI is also dedicated to keeping health professionals and CT techs informed about the latest developments in the healthcare imaging industry and CT scanning news abroad. You’ll find TOMI active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sharing insight, success stories and fun facts on CT scanning topics and more. In addition, TOMI is hoping to create a place for conversations where health professionals and CT techs can share ideas and observations to help expand the quality in healthcare imaging.

With TOMI leading the way, more and more health professionals and CT techs will learn about the benefits of point-of-care scanning. Whether it’s in intensive care units, neurosurgical operating rooms, emergency rooms or anywhere else, the mobile CT products of NeuroLogica are ready to go where you need them. And TOMI is ready to show you the way.

So, say “hello” to TOMI, the tech-savvy personality dedicated to helping you bring the power of imaging to your patients.